14 sun-soaked islands for a winter break


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There's nowhere better to escape the cold than on your own little slice of paradise.

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  • Seychelles
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    Supposed location of Adam and Eve's earthly paradise, the Seychelles have been attracting swooning honeymooners and loved-up couples to their pristine shores for many an idyllic summer. But even a winter trip will provide fantastic weather, as well as some great hotel deals.

  • St Lucia
    St Lucia

    This island is actually one of the most mountainous in the region, home to a rainforest, waterfall trails, botanical gardens, and sulfur springs with romantic mud baths. Cruises to Sugar Beach are a must for dolphin and whale-watching. December to March brings the biggest crowds to the island, but also the best weather.

  • Cuba
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    Cuba's history is unavoidable as you stroll through its crumbling streets, lined with old-school cars, and listen to tales of the old generation of Cubanos who still drink the same rum they were drinking fifty years ago. Go from January onwards to avoid the hurricane season and bathe in pleasant temperatures.

  • Cape Verde
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    Cape Verde

    Cape Verde can only be described as Europe's solace, despite being far closer to Africa, an ideal place to escape the harsher climes of a northern winter. This beautiful archipelago is a real year-round destination, though March to May offer great weather and not too many visitors.

  • Lanzarote, Canary Islands
    Rossella Apostoli/123RF
    Lanzarote, Canary Islands

    Steadily shaking off a seedy 80s reputation it never really deserved, this Spanish island is perfectly situated to receive some warming winter rays. With pleasant temperatures hovering in the low 20s, May to March offers a respite from the crowds of summer, and makes for perfect cycling weather, a favoured sport on the island's long, mountainous roads.


Tired of the never ending cold? Looking for an escape - preferably to warmer climes? Miss the beach and can't wait until summer? Why not start your year with a trip to one of these 14 island paradises!

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Posted on 06/01/2018 Modified on 08/01/2018
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