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Meet the world's most remote Instagram star
Posted on 17/07/2016


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Daniel Ernst is a big believer in hunting down the world's most remote, obscure locations for his Instagram page. And so, it would seem, are his 225K followers...

Part-time photographer Daniel Ernst has made a life for himself travelling to the most remote corners of the world. Over the past three and a half years, the German adventurer has amassed well over 220,000 followers on his Instagram account, making him one of the network's most popular posters.

Over the years he has visited some of the most rural places on Earth, exploring countries from the Faroe Islands in the Arctic circle to New Zealand, where he is currently living and working part-time as an engineer.

Who can spot me?! Sunset on top of this incredible ridgeline in Switzerland - reminds me a bit of Roy's Peak in New Zealand! Just came back from an epic roadtrip in Switzerland, stoked to share some photos the next days! ????

A photo posted by Daniel Ernst | @germanroamers (@daniel_ernst) on

Cruising through Lauterbrunnen valley w/ @adrianpirlet

A photo posted by Daniel Ernst | @germanroamers (@daniel_ernst) on

Most of his images are inspired by the natural world and are the result of long treks through rural parts of the countries he visits. "Most times I rent a car or buy a bus ticket to get to a trailhead where I start hiking, sometimes for many days," he told MailOnline Travel.

Morning views from our bivy spot in Switzerland! That night was really one of the worst - my sleeping bag and all of my gear was soaked in the morning as some rain cells passed us by. And on top of that, a constant wind was blowing in my face the whole night. But well, the morning up there made that all forgotten!

A photo posted by Daniel Ernst | @germanroamers (@daniel_ernst) on

I spent the last 8 months mainly traveling to countries in the North such as Iceland, Finnish Lapland, Lofoten and the Faroe Islands. I've got way too many shots from these trips to share them all on Instagram. So currently I have the idea of making a book that is build up like a travel log about these trips. What do you think of it - good idea? Would you be interested in one of these books? This could be one of the photos for the Iceland series showing @fallingfornz during a beautiful sunrise on a cold autumn morning at Kirkjufell.

A photo posted by Daniel Ernst | @germanroamers (@daniel_ernst) on

He says much of his work relies on timers, even if the style changes. "I try to make a link between nature and human," he explained. "So most of my images are featuring someone in a landscape. Through that I can give the whole landscape a scale and the viewer can identify better with the photo."

One of my favorite quotes says that a person can grow only as much as his horizon allows to. For me mountains have always been the source of inspiration to grow my horizon. Forever evolving, full of possibilities, of challenge and danger. This is where I measure reaching my goals, where I try to outdid myself. Reach new heights, achieve your goals - what are yours? #reachyourhorizon

A photo posted by Daniel Ernst | @germanroamers (@daniel_ernst) on

Daybreak at Bow Lake, Canada.

A photo posted by Daniel Ernst | @germanroamers (@daniel_ernst) on

"With my photography and stories, I want to inspire people, causing a desire, a motivation to leave the rush behind, escape routine, go outdoors, explore and experience nature," he added. "We are fortunate to be presented with many opportunities in this world, it's just about making them into reality."

The more remote, the better the photo

The more remote, the better the photo
Luis Louro / 123RF

Need a dose of travel inspiration? You'll find the photographer's full Instagram account here.


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