Top 10 overrated tourist attractions
Posted on 19/05/2017

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Everyone's got a bucket list, but some places truly don't live up to the hype. These are some well-known attractions that have garnered distinctly mixed views.

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  • Hollywood Boulevard
    Hollywood Boulevard

    Although the rest of LA went down well with one Reddit user, Hollywood Boulevard didn't appear to cut the mustard. "My heart sinks when I have to go there for any reason. Tourists are constantly stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to take a picture of one of the Walk of Fame stars. Every souvenir shop is exactly the same. Food and drink is expensive because the prices are marked up for tourists."


It is the constant toss up of whether a well-known location is worth the effort. You'll likely be caught in the midst of bustling crowds regardless, but if the tourist attraction doesn't live up to its famous reputation, that's the big clincher.

The Sagrada Familia has been previously described as a "monstrosity"; Stonehenge deemed a mere bunch of rocks. Using a Reddit forum in which one user asked which 'must-see' attractions aren't worth the fuss, we've compiled our top 10 overrated tourist traps. The jury's most definitely out on some of them.

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