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The worst holiday destinations to take kids
Posted on 25/05/2017


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Taking the kids anywhere can often be a massive task. What to dress them in? Will they enjoy themselves? What will they eat? But taking them on holiday is a whole other mission. With a theme park or a trip to the seaside it is relatively easy, but there are places in the world where one should avoid bringing their children to.

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  • Bangkok, Thailand
    Bangkok, Thailand

    You'll be answering a lot of confusing questions if you take your children to Bangkok. From strip clubs to beggars to busy roads and dirty streets - it may be all a little much to explain to a child. There are other places in Thailand that may be better suited for families, such as a nice beach resort on one of the islands.

  • Amalfi Coast, Italy
    Amalfi Coast, Italy

    The uniquely rugged landscape of the Amalfi Coast is what makes it such a popular holiday destination. The coastal mountains that plunge straight into the sea and the rustic cliffside towns are all beautiful, however trying to get round the narrow lanes and walking through towns with abrupt drops is a much more difficult challenge with kids. The beaches are hard to get to and are rarely sandy.

  • Cancun, Mexico during Spring Break
    Cancun, Mexico during Spring Break

    What better way to show your children some culture than letting them see all the crazy students partying on their Spring Break. This area of Mexico is great for family holidays with built up resorts and glorious beaches, but try to skip the party months so your child can get to sleep at night or swim in the pool without it being filled with drunken students.

  • Dubai, UAE
    Dubai, UAE

    Despite being a place of some of the most expensive and built up novel attractions, including theme parks and huge shopping malls, there are plenty of other places in the world where your children can have the same amount of fun, just with a lighter price tag.The culture in Dubai won't excite your kids or teach them anything about the world so maybe leave Dubai for the luxury shopping trip when the kids have grown up.

  • New Orleans, USA
    New Orleans, USA

    It would be a shame to visit a place like New Orleans with the kids. It is a place full of culture and fun, but most of it wouldn't be suitable for children. The late night jazz bars would be too late for children and they wouldn't be able to appreciate the great music. The historical part of town may be boring for them and the food specialties, including spicy Cajun dishes and oysters, wouldn't go down very well.