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You could stay a night in a Nutella-themed hotel
Posted on 05/12/2019

CultureUnited States of America

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Fancy something to satisfy your sweet tooth? An exclusive Nutella-themed hotel known as Hotella Nutella is offering three lucky winners the chance to stay at the hotel as part of a Nutella-filled weekend breakfast experience.

Calling all cocoa and hazelnut-spread superfans!

Calling all cocoa and hazelnut-spread superfans!

The pop-up Nutella hotel opening in Napa Valley in California has gone all out with larger than life breakfast decor and the Nutella logo splashed across many of the hotel items. But Nutella fans wanting to make a reservation will have to act fast as only three lucky contest winners will have the chance to stay at the exclusive hotel and enjoy an unforgettable breakfast experience.

The three winners and their guests will be flown out to the Napa Valley and stay for three days and two nights from the 10th to the 12th January at the Hotella Nutella. Two celebrity chefs, Geoffrey Zacharian and Tanya Holland, have also been invited to show guests how to prepare the perfect breakfast using the cult-favorite cocoa and hazelnut spread. They will also be sharing some of their original recipes so guests can try their hand at recreating them back at home. And Dancakes, a team of pancake artists whose videos have gone viral, will teach guests an invaluable new party trick by showing them how to make and pull off their own unforgettable pancake designs.



"Hotella Nutella reimagines the joy of the hotel stay with a special breakfast experience that allows fans to enjoy Nutella in new and different ways," Todd Midura, the Vice President of Marketing at Nutella North America, said in a press release.

"We hope our guests learn how to recreate the magic of Hotella Nutella at home, giving them more opportunities to gather with friends and family to enjoy a special breakfast."

Fans now only have until midnight on December 8th to enter. To have a chance of winning the grand prize, round-trip airfare included, fans must submit a video explaining why Nutella makes their mornings so special. They'll be judged "based on creativity, passion for Nutella and connection to breakfast."

To find more information and the terms and conditions of the contest, you can head to the Hotella Nutella website or follow the hashtag #HotellaNutella on Nutella's social media accounts to keep up to date with all the latest news. Unfortunately, the competition is only open to entrants across the pond in the US. Here's hoping that Hotella Nutella takes on London next!