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Zimbabwe president suspects Grace Mugabe for 'assination attempt'
Posted on 27/06/2018


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Zimbabwe president suspects the previous first lady of Zimbabwe of attempting to kill him.

Mugabe involved in attempted murder?

Mugabe involved in attempted murder?
ęSergio Paulo Gomes Lacueva/123RF

Current President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, suspects that the attempt to end his life was carried out by a group of individuals linked to the former first lady.

Consequently two people died from this attack and more than 40 others were injured during the rally in Bulawayo last Saturday.

The group Generation 40, which had supported Grace Mugabe for the presidency, are thought to be the ones responsible.

Grace Mugabe's husband was removed from power last year.

There had been widespread suspicion at the time that she had intended to succeed her husband, this was a contributing factor to this political transition and the army's involvement.

Whilst Mnangawa has not blamed the former first lady of being directly involved, he told the BBC that he expects arrests to be made shortly.

This may influence the outcome of the next election which is due to take place in July next month.