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In the South-West of the country, the main attraction is the huge Lake Nicaragua. With dimensions such as 92 miles in length and 34 miles in width, it conceals 310 islands reputed for their great beauty. The most visited one being Ometepe, with hotel amenities offering good conditions to welcome tourists. You ought to know that the lake's pollution levels are very high and that you should not swim in it.

  • Lake Nicaragua , Nicaragua
    A view of Concepción volcano

    Located on Lake Nicaragua, Ometepe island is composed of two stratovolcanoes, Maderas and Concepcion. The latter is still active and often provokes rockfalls.

    © strangerview
  • Lake Nicaragua , Nicaragua
    A view of the Granada Cathedral

    Located on the western side of Lake Nicaragua, Granada is known for its colonial architecture. Its eclectic-style cathedral is one of the most beautiful ones in Central America.

    © Sergey Suhanov
  • Lake Nicaragua , Nicaragua
    Ometepe island and Concepcion

    Among the many islands on Lake Nicaragua, Ometepe is the busiest one. Populated as far back as 10,000 BC, it has great archaeological interest.

    © Valery Shanin
  • Lake Nicaragua , Nicaragua
    Cichlasoma citrinellum, or the red devil

    This beautiful fish is endemic to Lake Nicaragua. It is known as being aggressive and for being a big eater.

    © Zhang Xiangyang
  • Lake Nicaragua , Nicaragua
    'Atardecer' (sunset)

    Its proximity to the equator means that the sun sets at approximately the same time all year round. In Nicaragua, this is a veritable attraction.

    © elnavegante
  • Lake Nicaragua , Nicaragua
    A boat moored near Ometepe island

    Ometepe has conserved its picturesque charm, with its rural lifestyle, peaceful atmosphere and friendly inhabitants.

    © Michael Zysman
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