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In the East, Mosquito Coast lines the Caribbean sea. There, you will find swamps, beaches and numerous little harbours. The most famous one being Bluefields with its small airport. You will board a boat and sail to the magnificent Islas del Maiz. Located 30 miles off the coast, these two islands have good quality hotels. They attract tourists as well as local holiday-makers. Surfing, fishing and swimming at the beaches (by the way unique in Nicaragua for their beauty) is enough to make everyone happy.

  • Mosquito Coast , Nicaragua
    Traditional fishing boats

    The fishermen on Corn Island use 'pangas' to go out to sea. These are not to be confused with the panga fish, which is farmed in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

    © Robert Lerich
  • Mosquito Coast , Nicaragua
    A beach on the Corn Islands

    Discovered by Christopher Columbus during his last voyage, the Corn Islands archipelago is made up of two Islands: Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island.

    © Sergey Suhanov
  • Mosquito Coast , Nicaragua
    The gorgeous sea floor

    The main attraction of the Corn Islands is without a doubt scuba diving. The coral reefs are particularly rich around Little Corn Island.

    © vilainecrevette
  • Mosquito Coast , Nicaragua
    A loggerhead sea turtle

    Being a migrating species, loggerhead sea turtles can be found just as easily in the Caribbean as in the Pacific Ocean. However, its long journeys make it particularly prey to fishing nets.

    © strangerview
  • Mosquito Coast , Nicaragua
    A deserted beach on the Caribbean coast.

    Nicaragua has some magnificent fine sandy beaches lined with crystal-clear water on one side and a green forest on the other.

    © Robert Lerich
  • Mosquito Coast , Nicaragua
    A lobster trawler

    The lobster served at the best restaurants in the world mostly comes from Little Corn Island. Nowadays it is a threatened species due to overfishing.

    © Robert Lerich
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