Discover The Pacific coast Nicaragua

The Pacific coast is only an hour's drive away from Managua. You will find many beaches there. You will often have to pay an entrance fee. Pochomil and Masachapa beaches, as many others, are heaven on earth for surfing and fishing. Montelimar Beach Resort is without a doubt a top tourist resort in the whole of Central America. It is easy access from Managua.

  • The Pacific coast , The Pacific coast, Nicaragua , Nicaragua
    The Pacific coast, Nicaragua

    Thanks to their ideal location, these beaches are perfect for water sports such as sailing and surfing.

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  • The Pacific coast , Nicaragua
    The Pacific coast: a colourful universe.

    Nicaragua's aquatic flora and fauna is comprised of multicoloured fish and corals of the most various shapes and sizes.

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  • The Pacific coast , Nicaragua
    White sand and lush vegetation

    Nicaragua still has some beautiful unspoilt beaches. Some of them are even worthy of adventure and pirate stories from the 18th century.

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  • The Pacific coast , Nicaragua
    A Pacific Ocean beach in Nicaragua

    Nicaragua's east coast is known for its numerous beaches lined with white sand. While some are overrun, others are perfectly peaceful.

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  • The Pacific coast , Nicaragua
    The black-mandibled toucan

    Nicaragua's plains and tropical forests constitute an ideal habitat for this bird that loves big trees. It can also be found on the South American continent.

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  • The Pacific coast , Nicaragua
    More wild than the Pacific coast

    If you head off the path along the coast, you can discover beaches that seem to be straight out of a novel by Stevenson or Melville.

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