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Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination Niger

On the banks of the Niger River, Niamey is looked on as a small African capital city with its modern buildings and colourful markets, but also many people on the margins of society. On your way back from a tiring desert hike, you will enjoy the peacefulness of its cafés, set all along the banks of the river. The markets are Niamey's main attraction. Its Main Market is actually one of the most interesting ones of Western Africa where you will find jewels, leatherwear and Djerma blankets. If you want a haggling lesson, go and see Boukoki's market; there, poultry as well as empty bottles or even spare pieces of metal are exchanged. The surprising National Museum is a must-see. It is a patch work of various attractions including a zoo, a botanical park, a handicraft school and an exhibition of everything making up the wealth of Niger. The Great Mosque, a modern building financed by Libya, presents beautiful mosaics and from the minaret, you can enjoy a view over all of Niamey.

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