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East of the Aďr, Niger is nothing more than an expanse of sand as far as the eye can see. Except on a few main routes, there is no track in the Ténéré, and you must absolutely be accompanied by a navigator and have all the necessary equipment (water and petrol supplies, etc). The Ténéré stretches over 1,000 miles of impressive scenery, first the wavy expanse of dunes in the south (over 750 miles) followed by the regs, which are plains strewn with pebbles and scattered vegetation. Some landmarks will help you to navigate around the area such as mountains like the rock spurs of Grein and Tiffa, and some oases. With the exception of the villages Bilma and Dirkou, the others are doomed to being abandoned and becoming ghost villages. You will be captivated by the outline of the ruins of Djado's Ksar, which is abandoned outside harvest season (from August to October) as the inhabitants flee to the oasis of Chirfa, though Chirfa is hardly livelier. At the foot of the cliff of Kaouar, the palm grove of Bilma and its fortified village give the impression of a refreshing oasis, which owes its survival to the date cultivation and salt mines only. In Fachi, you will see over 300,000 date palms.

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    Niger: the Tenere

    The Tenere (which means 'desert' in Tuareg) is one of the Sahara's harshest desert regions: its very hot and arid climate does not allow vegetation to grow.

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