Explore Nigeria's grassy savannahs and top wildlife

Facing the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria, which has the largest population in Africa, shares borders with Benin, Niger, Chad and Cameroon. Independent since 1960, this old British colony suffers from endemic poverty, violence, corruption and civil war despite, though perhaps because of, its natural resources. A melting pot of various ethnicities, the majority of the population live in villages. You have to go further inland if you want to appreciate the beauty of the scenery offered by the forests, mountains, savannah or the Sahel.

Security: the FCO has heavy restrictions in place for those who want to travel to Nigeria. For the full list of places the FCO advises against travelling to, see here.

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Nigeria: the key figures

Surface area : 923768.0 km2

Population : 133881703 inhabitants

  • The latent potential potential for tourism.
  • Nigerian art is the richest in West Africa.
  • There is a permanent climate of insecurity.
  • The Atlantic coast is not developed for tourism.

Nigeria: what to visit?



The fauna and flora

Arts and culture

Nigeria: what to buy?

You can buy batiks and handicraft objects, such as calabash, wood sculptures and fabrics. Clothing dyed with indigo, jewels and pottery are available on markets. Shops are open from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Some shops are open on Saturdays.

Nigeria: what to eat?

Soup is one of the dishes most eaten in Nigeria. Yorubaland specializes in palm oil soup and egusi soup made with meat, red chillies and dried shrimps. Fish and pepper soup is also very popular. Ikokore, a type of soup made with various fish and sweet potatoes, is a speciality in the west of the country. You will also find ukwaka, a cake made with cereals and plantains, as well as moin-moin, another cake, made with dried beans, fish and eggs. You can find, almost everywhere, sweet potato, manioc or plantain chips.

Nigeria: travel tips

Nigeria is characterised by the poverty of its resources and tourist amenities and is therefore not an ideal holiday destination.

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