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A fjord is a deep U-shaped glacial valley that often goes below sea level, for example, Sognefjord in Norway reaches as much as 1300m below the adjacent sea. Norway is often named "the land of the Fjords", and Western Norway comprises 4 fjord regions: Møre and Romsdal, Sogn and Fjordane, Hordaland and Rogaland. Many are UNESCO-protected and coral reefs have even been discovered along the bottom of the Norwegian Fjords. This explains why the coastline is so rich for fishing. The Nordfjord has two main glaciers, Jorstedalsbreen and Briksdalsbreen, while Sognefjord boasts the Flåm railway and Urnes Stave Church. The Hardangerfjord is known for its fruit trees blossoming in spring, Folgefonna glacier and Vøringsfossen waterfall. At Lysefjord, you can hike to the top of the Pulpit Rock and drive the Lysevegen road.

The Geirangerfjord is one of the most beautiful fjords in the world and is now part of UNESCO's World Heritage Programme. It stretches inland for over 60 mi and boasts a series of towering cliffs and waterfalls, which are particularly impressive when the snow is melting. The channel widens at the head of the fjord, where the village of Geiranger can be seen.

  • Fjord Norway , Norway
    Fjord Norway
  • Fjord Norway , Norway
    Fjord Norway
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    Fjord Norway
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    Fjord Norway
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