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The northern region begins beyond Trondheim, beyond it 1,000 miles of desolate land stretch away. Nord-Trondelag displays vast conifer forests which are the habitat of elks, reindeers and minks. A multitude of lakes lie between Grong and Mosjoen. The northernmost part of the country consists mostly of the red mountains and snow-capped summits of the Finnmark. The vegetation consisting of fir and birch trees is fairly dense, with some flowers in the summer. Nordkapp, the northernmost point of the country is a dark platform overlooking the Arctic polar sea, over 984 ft high. The view is magnificent especially around the time of the midnight sun. From Moesjen, as you head north, Nordland stretches over vast open spaces, where the vegetation is sparser than in the south. You are entering the polar circle. Beyond this invisible border, in the middle of immense untamed land covered with tundra, a few towns appear such as Fauske or Bodo, but the vastness of the open spaces and the wild vegetation show that nature is the dominant force here. Between Bodo and Narvik, the snowy mountains begin to appear as you get closer to Nordkapp.

  • The North , The Finnmark mountains, Norway , Norway
    The Finnmark mountains, Norway

    Norway's extreme north is dominated by the Finnmark mountains.

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  • The North , Green meadows in northern Norway , Norway
    Green meadows in northern Norway

    In northern Norway, the sun doesn't set in summer.

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  • The North , A boat in a fjord , Norway
    A boat in a fjord

    Whether you follow the coast on a steam boat or across land, you will come across enchanting little villages everywhere you go.

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  • The North , A colourful town in Norway , Norway
    A colourful town in Norway

    The magic of the light in this region has inspired a great many writers, musicians, and painters.

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  • The North , Norway's North Cape , Norway
    Norway's North Cape

    Enjoy the views from Europe's outermost extremity, North Cape.

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  • The North , Snowcapped mountains , Norway
    Snowcapped mountains

    Despite its high latitude, Norway benefits from a mild climate thanks to the Gulf Stream currents.

    Lars-Olof Johansson / age fotostock
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