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Norway gives visitors the opportunity to discover dreamlike colours and landscapes. The south is characterised by its green valleys and forests. It is also the region where most of the charming little villages with wooden houses painted in bright colours are concentrated. The valley of Gudbrandsdalen, the largest in the country, leads directly to the town of Trondheim and the lands of the north. The green of the valleys gives way to the blue of the lakes and the white of the glaciers and snow-covered mountains. North Cape dominates the Arctic Ocean. Here, nature reigns supreme and residential areas become increasingly rare as you move towards the polar circle. The vegetation consists mostly of conifers and birch trees.


The western coast is the heart and soul of the country. The shoreline, essentially made up of mountains, is indented by deep, dazzling blue fjords. The region called Vestland boasts approximately seventy fjords. Present from Stavanger to Trondheim over four counties, they are more majestic and impressive beyond Bergen.

The fauna and flora

You will find the image you probably have of Norway in your mind on the road to Lom. It is here that you will find yourself faced with incredible expanses of landscapes and be struck by the immensity of the nature, with its snowcapped peaks, glaciers shimmering in the sun, virgin lakes and turbulent waterfalls. It is also here that you are most likely to come across a few wild species, such as foxes and musk ox. Norway is a country where reindeer are bred (their meat is edible). Although there are fewer of them, bison are also reared for their fur. Fishermen will be delighted as they battle it out with salmon, Arctic char and even cod.

Arts and culture

The Scandinavian countries have always lit fire to the imagination and many myths have ensued. This is notably the case with the troll, whose existence is still a subject of debate. Those not lucky enough to see one on their travels will nevertheless be able to buy a troll-shaped knick-knack in many shops throughout the country. Although trolls may only be a figment of the imagination, this isn't the case for the sauna, a real Norwegian institution. With the winters being so harsh sometimes, to be able to relax in one of these wooden steam rooms is sheer pleasure. They're also good for your health since they contribute to good blood flow. Wooden churches are also typical of Norwegian culture and this is the last country in Northern Europe where you will still find some. The Urnes stave church is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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