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In the south of the country, the Dhofar region covers an area of 40,000 sq mi and is considered to be the lush green region of Oman. Not far from Salalah, the plain along the shore is lined with coconut trees and other tropical trees, but behind the mountain ridge which drops into the Indian Ocean is the Rub'Al-Khali desert or "the empty quarter". The world's least explored desert, it is also the most inhospitable.

  • The Dhofar region, Dhofar, Landscapes, Oman
    The Dhofar region

    To see "green" Dhofar, come in September, at the end of the monsoon season. The rains that fall at this time of year turn the whole landscape green with luxuriant vegetation. / KamilloK
  • Dhofar, Landscapes, Oman
    Dhofar / Dietp000
  • Dhofar, Landscapes, Oman
    Dhofar / Alexeys
  • Dhofar, Landscapes, Oman
    Dhofar / KamilloK
  • Dhofar, Landscapes, Oman
    Dhofar / Ondrej111
  • Dhofar, Landscapes, Oman
    Dhofar / Ondrej111
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