Discover Khunjerab Pass hiking itinerary Pakistan

From Gilgit, you will head north on Karakorum Highway, in the direction of Khunjerab Pass. You will have to cross the gorges of Naltar and come out onto the magnificent valley of Hunza, with the river winding between the summits of Ultar and Rakaposhi. From there, you can hike to the glaciers of Hispar, Biafo or Batura, or toward the valley of Shimshal.

  • Khunjerab Pass hiking itinerary , The Khunjerab Pass route , Pakistan
    The Khunjerab Pass route

    The journey along the Khunjerab Pass is not one to be taken unprepared, but the glaciers you'll observe here certainly make it worthwhile.

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  • Khunjerab Pass hiking itinerary , Pakistan
    Khunjerab Pass hiking itinerary
    pulpitis / 123RF
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