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From Gilgit, you can get to the Hindu Kush mountain to the west, via Shandur Pass or Lowari Pass. You will then enter the Chitral superb valley, territory of the Kalash, last survivors of the Animist tribes who once occupied the region. Their fair complexion (some even have blond hair and blue eyes) is a remnant of their Indo-European origins. Kalash women's traditional costume, an ample dress made of black wool, and a wide hat decorated with cowrie shells, buttons and coins, is unfortunately very rarely worn nowadays. Threatened by poverty and islamisation, Kalash culture seems doomed to disappear one day or an another.

  • The route to the Kalash land , The Kalash route , Pakistan
    The Kalash route

    Although the Kalash culture has been protected against external influences for nearly 2000 years thanks to its isolated location, it is gradually disappearing with the opening up of the province.

    Patrick Poendl / 123RF
  • The route to the Kalash land , Pakistan
    The route to the Kalash land
    Patrick Poendl / 123RF
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