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It is the most awaited date on the Panama calendar and takes place every year for 4 days before Ash Wednesday. A veritable national holiday, the entire country takes part in the festivities, with even the smallest towns putting on their own entertainment. Dances, costumes and music (generally salsa, merengue and tipico, the contemporary popular folk music) are all part of this impressive explosion of joy, sounds and colours animating the streets. The biggest crowds can be found in the capital, Panama City, and in Las Tablas, less than 200 miles to the south.

  • Le Carnaval , Panama Carnival , Panama
    Panama Carnival

    The carnival, held just before Ash Wednesday, is the most important festival in the calendar and consists of 4 days of wild festivities in which the entire country gets involved.

  • Le Carnaval , The Devil's dances , Panama
    The Devil's dances

    The "Devil's dances" performed on the fringes of the carnival represent the battle between Good and Evil and were once used for evangelistic purposes.

  • Le Carnaval , The Carnival Queen , Panama
    The Carnival Queen

    The crowning of the Queen is a true institution in Panama, where contenders compete in true splendour.

  • Le Carnaval , La Pollera , Panama
    La Pollera

    This traditional costume worn by dancers during the festivities embodies the Panamanian woman.

  • Le Carnaval , Jubilation in the streets , Panama
    Jubilation in the streets

    The streets provide the backdrop for lively festivities for the entire duration of the carnival.

  • Le Carnaval , Cities in celebration , Panama
    Cities in celebration

    Panama City and Las Tablas host the most spectacular festivities in the country.

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