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The majestic work initiated by Ferdinand de Lesseps, also the creator of the Suez canal, remains one of the major attractions of the country as its cultural and economical predominance is so paramount within its surroundings. The various artificial lakes created around the many locks have formed an original aquatic environment, now worth a look.

  • The canal , The Panama Canal , Panama
    The Panama Canal

    Considered to be the 8th wonder of the world, the canal connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Started in 1880, it was completed in 1914.

  • The canal , A strategic crossing point , Panama
    A strategic crossing point

    The 48-mile long Panama Canal revolutionised international trade. Boats no longer had to circle around South America via Cape Horn to reach Asia.

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  • The canal , The Centennial Bridge , Panama
    The Centennial Bridge

    Built in 2004, it is only the second major road crossing the Panama Canal along with the Bridge of the Americas 9 miles away.

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  • The canal , The Panama Canal , Panama
    The Panama Canal

    Started in 2007 and to be completed by 2014, expansion work on the Panama Canal will allow new generation cargo ships to use this passage.

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  • The canal , A harmonious upheaval , Panama
    A harmonious upheaval

    Open since 1914, the Panama Canal changed the geography of the country which gradually learned to adapt, as evidenced by the presence of a clean ecosystem.

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  • The canal , A player in world trade , Panama
    A player in world trade

    20% of global trade passes through the Panama Canal. After its expansion is completed in 2014, it will have doubled in capacity.

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