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Papua New Guinea gathers over 600 islands, the main ones being New Britain and New Ireland in the Bismarck archipelago. The Highlands, the main part of the country, cover the eastern half of the world's largest island after Greenland. In the North of the island, they consist of mountainous and accidented relief stretching along a range of active volcanoes. The coastal plains essentially consist of mangroves and marshlands.


Papau New Guinea is a mountainous island of volcanic origin. It is surrounded by several archipelagos. To the north, New Britain, New Ireland and Manus Island make up the Bismarck Archipelago. The D'Entrecasteaux and Tobriand Islands lay to the east. Nicknamed 'the islands of paradise and love' by anthropologist Malinowski, they are especially interesting for their traditional culture which the locals faithfully keep up. Papau New Guinea is a land of volcanoes. The Bismarck Sea has some one hundred alone. However, the most beautiful volcanic and diving sites are found along the coast near Madang. Indeed, this country owes it fabulous geographic diversity to its volcanoes. Mangroves, coral reefs and lagoons line the coasts of Papau New Guinea.

The fauna and flora

The country boasts a great variety of ecosystems (rain forests, mountain forests, mangroves) and the wildlife it gathers is unique in the world.

Arts and culture

Diversity in unity: this is how we can sum up the sheer originality of the culture of Papua New Guinea.
Animism, the oldest religion in the world, is practised by the various tribes here. This worship of nature is also still practised today by a large part of the population, but some of its traditional aspects have had to be changed to adapt to the evolution of the world.
The ceremonies and costumes may still seem evil, bizarre, or even amusing for Westerners, but their goal is simply to transcribe Papuan philosophy, which seeks to connect the natural to the supernatural.
The tribes of Papua New Guinea have a unique and profound culture that shouldn't be neglected just because it is different from what we Westerners are used to.

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