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In the South of the country, the mystical lake Titicaca lies 3,800 metres above sea level. It is very much like an inland sea, with its vast size and never-ending banks of reeds. The quality of light is exceptional - the clouds are so low and the surrounding peaks so close that you could almost touch them!

  • Lake Titicaca , Peru
    Lake Titicaca

    The Uros, the people who have been living along the lake since Antiquity, use traditional techniques for working with totora, a reed they use to make floating islands and canoes.

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  • Lake Titicaca , Peru
    Floating islands

    These islands are said to "float" as they can be moved at will. Uros is the best known of these artificial islands.

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  • Lake Titicaca , Peru
    The women of Titicaca

    The Uros are a peaceful people. They moved to the banks of the Titicaca to escape from the war-mongering Incas.

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  • Lake Titicaca , Peru
    Uros no more

    The pure lineage of the Uros disappeared in 1950. Now, the islanders speak a different language to that of the original settlers.

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  • Lake Titicaca , Peru
    The banks of Lake Titicaca

    The lake can be crossed by boats which link the Peruvian port of Puno with the Bolivian city Huaqui.

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  • Lake Titicaca , Peru
    The reed canoes

    The canoes made of reeds are better known as "reed horses". They are used for fishing, the islanders' main activity.

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