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The desert Peruvian coast is not reputed for its attractiveness. However, the small fishermen's village of Paracas, in the North, has a natural reserve peopled with thousands of pink flamingos and elephant seals. You will find pretty beaches in this region (Ica) where you can rest after staying in altitude regions. Around Chiclayo, between Pimentel and Eten, the waves attract surfers from all over the world.

The fauna and flora

With almost 10% of the species of mammals and reptiles present on the planet, 20 % of the birds and 45,000 vascular plant species (the most evolved type), Peru preserves in the sea, inter-Andean valleys and Amazon forest, a wealth of fauna and flora not yet classified by scientists. 60 Natural Parks protected by the State are on one fifth of the Peruvian territory.


Made with stone or earth, granite or adobe, an incomparable amount of temples, palaces and ancient cities are laid out from one end of Peru to the other, serving as milestones of the ancient civilizations who dominated this territory. Cusco bears witness to this, "the navel of the world" in the Indian's Quechua language, at the origin of the Andean empire and Machu Picchu.

Religious holidays

In Peru, over a thousand popular festivals are celebrated each year. Most of them are organised in honour of a patron saint and fall within the Christian calendar. Other pagan celebrations are added to these religious festivals. In every case, traditional festivals are a confluence point where the sacred and the profane are integrated into one single event of vitality and elation.

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