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Photos - Algiers
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  • The capital Algiers (Al-Djaza´r in Arabic), founded in 960, is among the most beautiful towns in the Arab world, even though colonisation destroyed most of its ancient Moorish palaces that chimed out right to the coast, replacing them with a sea frontage which, jutting out over a magnificent bay, is also very imposing. Algiers is extremely charming since it sprouted on hills punctuated with small valleys, ...
  • Algiers is built on an exceptional site overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The modern part of the town is located on the plateau at sea level.
  • Built in 1974, the marina of Sidi Fredj is the only marina in Algeria.
  • Hotel Albert I in Algiers is one of the city's historical establishments. It is located at the heart of the capital, next to the Grande Poste and facing the Bay of Algiers.
  • The Martyrs Memorial, built in 1982, overlooks the city of Algeria. It was raised in memory of those who died during the Algerian War.
  • This museum dedicated to Prehistory and ethnography holds both Algerian and foreign collections.
  • The Hand of Fatima is an amulet commonly used in talismans and jewellery by inhabitants of the Middle East and North Africa for protection against the evil eye.