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Photos - Urbino
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  • The Ducal Palace in Urbino is one of the most interesting examples of architecture and art of the entire Italian Renaissance.
  • Urbino, its past very rich in art and history, has conserved numerous prestigious monuments: its historic centre is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Urbino's cathedral, dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, was rebuilt after an earthquake that destroyed the former church in 1789.
  • Urbino owes much of its marvellous art to the patronage of the House of Montefeltro, which had one of the most refined nobiliary courtyards in Italy during the Renaissance.
  • The artistic ideal of the Renaissance period seems to have become a reality when you look at the city of Urbino and the harmonious classicism of its architecture. The author of the city's transformation was Federico da Montefeltro, the duke of the city between 1442 and 1482. A cultured and refined man, passionate about mathematics and classics, he made his court the meeting point for numerous eminent ...