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Photos - Madrid
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  • Capital of Spain, ideally located at the heart of the Iberic peninsula, Madrid is an engaging city which doesn't disclose all its qualities in one go, but once you get to know it, you can't do without it! At every hour of the night and day, its streets are full of life and you loose count of the amount of tapas bars that there are: it is said that this is the city with the most in the world! You just ...
  • The old and the new come together in vivid contrast in Madrid, where narrow cobbled lanes and 17th-century chapels meet modern boulevards and gleaming skyscrapers.
  • These gardens, once reserved for the Kings, are now open to the public. You can admire beautiful statues along the 'Statue Walk'.
  • The Gran Via is the main avenue in Madrid. It is full of hotels, cinemas, banks and shopping centres.
  • This is where you will find the Torre Caja, the highest Spanish tower, designed by Norman Foster.
  • These two skyscrapers, also called the 'Kio Towers', compose a northern entrance into the city on the Prado Promenade.
  • In the middle of Retiro Park you will find a replica of London's Crystal Palace, built 36 years after the original. It was designed by architect Ricardo Velazquez Bosco.
  • This fortified castle dating from the Middle Ages is the best preserved one in the autonomous community of Madrid. It bears the stamp of Pedro Gonzalez de Mendoza of Toledo.