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Photos - Oviedo
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  • This charming city dates back to medieval times and has its roots in the 8th century, even though it is named after the hill over which a famous Roman road passed on its way north. Oviedo is the political and administrative capital of Asturias, and is the centre and Episcopal capital of the principality. It was founded by a group of monks who decided to build a monastery there, which is now the Archdiocese ...
  • This, the capital city of the principality, is rich in unique historical and architectural gems.
  • This cathedral is a symbol of the Spanish Gothic style. Construction on it began in the 13th century and was only completed in the 16th century.
  • There is a treasure hidden within the cathedral: the Cámara Santa, which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage.
  • Oviedo is the capital city of the Principality of Asturias in northern Spain and the administrative and commercial centre of the region.
  • The architecture of this building in Oviedo is both modern and surprising.
  • This centre, which opened its doors in 2011, was designed by architect Santiago Calatrava.