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The city of Gdansk has always been renowned for its shipbuilding industry. Even today, boats still spend a few days here being repaired. Nowadays, most of the shipyard is used to outfit ships heading for the oil platforms of the North Sea.

It is really worth it to visit these shipyards, not only because the industrial architecture is very impressive but also because it is here that the great revolts of the Solidarity movement (in the 1970s and 80s) first began (revolts that were led by, among others, Lech Walesa).

As you are leaving the port, you will see the historic lighthouse. It is no longer in operation and instead serves as a panoramic platform where you will have incredible views of the entire port and the Westerplatte Monument. This monument pays tribute to the memory of the Polish soldiers besieged by the Germans at the beginning of the Second World War. It's important to remember that without having officially declared war beforehand, Hitler went ahead and attacked the city and Poland's allies didn't come to its defence, despite their commitment to a non-aggression pact. This is thus where the Second World War began.

These days, when presidents come to stay in the city, the tradition is that they come to say a prayer on the steps of this monument.

  • The Gdansk Naval Shipyards

    The shipyards are located on the right bank of the Marta Wisla and on the island of Ostrow.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • Historic shipyards

    It was on these shipyards that the Solidarnosc trade union was founded in 1980 after a workers strike.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • The strikes of 1980

    This is where the workers strikes began, that then spread all over the Polish coast. Thousands of workers took part in them.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • The observatory of the naval shipyard

    This naval shipyard is without a doubt one of the most well-known places in the city.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • Cranes on the naval shipyard

    Workers at this shipyard relentlessly battled against the Communist party, who was in power at the time.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • Cranes in the clouds

    These cranes rising up into the Gdansk sky serve as a reminder for the Polish people of the difficult years that preceded the fall of Communism.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
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