Discover Court Artus dans le centre-ville de Gdansk Poland

The Artus Court was the commercial epicentre of the city, a meeting place of merchants and a centre of social life where brotherhoods and guilds came together for over 600 years. The building is now one of the most impressive ones in the city centre. Founded in 1350, the building caught on fire twice and was entirely rebuilt in 1481, but was not spared by the bombings of World War II. It was ultimately rebuilt following the plans of the 15th century model.

Today it displays a magnificent Gothic-style façade. It is really worth it to visit its interior, where you will notably discover a bas-relief by Hans Brandt from 1485 representing the battle of Saint George and the Dragon, and a wall painting by Anton Möller from 1603 of the Last Judgement. It is one of the city's truly emblematic sites that absolutely must be seen.

  • The Artus Court in Gdansk

    The Artus Court was the meeting spot for merchants travelling to Gdansk during the Hanseatic League.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • The entrance to the Artus Court

    Today, the Artus Court is part of the Gdansk History Museum.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • The steps of the Artus Court

    The name Artus Court comes from the medieval legend of King Arthur. King Arthur's Court was where knights and aristocrats came together.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • Inside the Artus Court

    The Artus Court is decorated with friezes and statues of historical and mythical characters.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • The decorations of the Artus Court

    The Artus Court is adorned with paintings, tapestries and splendid bas-reliefs.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • The Gothic entrance hall of the Artus Court.

    The Artus Court was seriously damaged during the offensive of the Red Army in 1945 but was later entirely rebuilt.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
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