Discover Johannes Hevélius, personnage emblématique de la ville Poland

He is one of the city's emblematic figures and it must be said that his biography is worthy of the most beautiful of novels. Born on 28 January 1611 in Gdansk, Johannes Hevelius is known as "the founder of lunar topography", but beyond astrology, the man was also one of the best brewers of his time and even exported his beer to the Royal Court of England.

After having travelled to France and England during his studies, he returned to Gdansk and became a town councillor but his passion for astronomy never left him. His most notable achievements include the discovery of four comets, the creation of an apparatus allowing one to measure the position of the stars, and his famous, and still current, catalogue of stars published posthumously in 1690 in which he identified seven constellations.

Hevelius (who is credited with creating a measuring apparatus) was supported his entire life by his wife Katharina Rebeschkea, who was also a great scientist, but when she passed away he remarried Elisabeth Koopman, who was just 16 years old! Although his statue doesn't hold much interest, his legend is worth discovering.

  • Johannes Hevelius

    Hevelius is an important part of the history of Gdansk. An astronomer, he was born in 1611 and died in 1687.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • The Johannes Hevelius Monument

    A renowned astronomer, Hevelius was elected to the Royal Society in 1664.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • Extraordinary eyesight

    It is said that Hevelius had extremely sharp eyesight and could see 7th-magnitude stars with the naked eye.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • Hevelius' discoveries

    Hevelius observed sunspots and determined the rate of the sun's rotation much more precisely than his predecessors.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • A drawing of the night sky

    Hevelius constructed very large astronomical instruments and created a very precise catalogue of the stars.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • Hevelius' observations

    Hevelius made observations of the moon, the sun and the stars. In 1944 he even observed the phases of Mercury.

    © Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
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