Discover Solidarnosc et les vestiges de l'architecture communiste Gdansk Poland

One of the city's most famous spots is undoubtedly Solidarnosc (solidarity) Square. At the entrance to the shipyards stands the Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers, in memory of the workers killed during the first revolts of 1970 and 1980.

Three crosses each bearing an anchor pay tribute to these victims. This area will soon be home to a museum that will allow visitors the opportunity to learn about this important period in Poland's history. It is here that Lech Walesa took on the role of leader of the Solidarity movement. At the time, everyone feared severe retaliation by the Communist authorities.

This history-laden site shows that the days of Communism were not that long ago and the districts around this area bear testimony to this period as well. Actually, just a few streets from here you can discover one of the longest buildings in Europe: massive, utilitarian and strongly influenced by the Stalinian doctrine, the advantage of this architecture is that it serves as a reminder to visitors that just thirty years ago the country was still closed off to the Western world.

  • The Lenin shipyard in Gdansk

    This is where Lech Walesa and Anna Walentynowicz founded the Solidarno?? (Solidarity) trade union.

    Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • Commemorative plaques

    There are several plaques here commemorating the workers killed during the 1970 and 1980 uprisings.

    Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • The monument to the fallen shipyard workers

    This is a highly symbolic place linked to Solidarno??; every day, the workers came to place a stone here as a symbol of their fight against communism.

    Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • Tourists in front of the monument to the dece

    If you would like to visit the inside of the shipyard, you must make a request at the tourist office.

    Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • The Solidarno?? Museum

    This museum, created for the 20th anniversary of the 1980 demonstrations, looks back at the history of the movement and its fight against communism.

    Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
  • A victory against communism

    Here you can see a fragment of the Berlin Wall as well as some of the tanks which were used in the suppression of the uprising.

    Franck Prignet / Easy Voyage
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