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The tipple owes its taste to the slow ?cooking' process at 50°C which lasts between three and six months depending on the vintage. There are four types, from the driest to the sweetest: the Sercial, the Verdelho, the Bual and the Malmsey. Created by accident, the wine was born in the holds of the ships that used to carry it to the continent. Heated by the sun, the ship's hull naturally turned the substance into the wine we know today. Produced from the 16th century, the wine was drank by the aristocracy and today is common as an aperitif or a dessert wine.

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    Sweet wine

    This typical wine from Madeira is best served as an aperitif or with desert.

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  • Madeira wine , Portugal
    Madeira wine
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  • Madeira wine , Portugal
    Madeira wine
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  • Madeira wine , Portugal
    Madeira wine
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  • Madeira wine , Portugal
    Madeira wine
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