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Most of the population on the two inhabited islands, Madeira and Porto Santo, live along the coast. In Madeira, the coasts are quite rocky and the craggy cliffs host small villages of white houses. Meanwhile, Porto Santo stands out from the 'mother island' thanks to its large expanse of sandy beaches.

The fauna and flora

The climate has helped the dense vegetation cultivate countless species of flowers and tropical fuits. Meanwhile, the most amazing marine species are found here due to the abundance of fish in the local waters.

Arts and culture

Madeira benefited from Portugal's riches during the days of explorations and multiple expeditions. Hence the architectural trends imported from the land of Vasco da Gama. Predominant in the 16th Century, the Manuelian style was marked by a discreet decoration. It was followed in the next century by the Baroque style. Another speciality from Portugal are the azulejos, the famous ceramics with sky blue and white hues. Madeira is also world-renowned for its wine.

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