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Discover Plant wildlife Portugal

From roses to hortensias, the flowers blossom on the islands during the warmer seasons, bringing the landscapes to life with colour and scent. On the island of Faial the blue hortensias are most common. The volcanic soil is ideal for growing a plant kingdom; be amazed by the clusters of redwood, dracenas, spathodeas, palms and cedars.

  • Plant wildlife , Hydrangeas, Faial, the Azores , Portugal
    Hydrangeas, Faial, the Azores

    Faial, the 'Blue Island', takes its name from the countless hydrangeas growing right along the coast.

    © Wolfgang Ise / age fotostock
  • Plant wildlife , Portugal
    The plains of the Azores

    Before the arrival of humans and colonisation, the islands of the Azores were covered with a thick forest, called a Laurisilva (or 'laurel') forest.

    © Rui Vale de Sousa / age fotosock
  • Plant wildlife , Portugal
    A coastal landscape

    Despite the many changes on the archipelago, it still has no less than 65 endemic species living in their natural habitat.

    © Manuel Ribeiro / age fotostock
  • Plant wildlife , Portugal
    The hydrangeas of Faial

    The government of the Azores is working on the development of "nature tourism" by offering a network of trails and signposts with the scientific names of the plants.

    © Manuel Ribeiro / age fotostock
  • Plant wildlife , Portugal
    The rocks of Mount Pico

    The lush vegetation blends in perfectly with the colours of these volcanic islands.

    © Günter Lenz / age fotostock
  • Plant wildlife , Portugal
    Lilac-coloured hydrangeas

    In addition to its extraordinary flora, the Azores are known for being the only European territory where tea is produced.

    © Vivianne Riviere
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