The five best free travel apps

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For most travellers, a mobile phone is an indispensable accessory when on the road and with such a wealth of information just a few clicks away, it's no surprise. So we've raided our app collections to come up with the top five travel apps that you don't have to pay a penny for. From finding your way around the confusing streets of a new city to trying to get yourself understood in a restaurant, these five apps are essential download fodder for your next trip.
1. Post Office currency convertor
The Post Office has not long created this great new app to help budding travellers convert their currencies. Once downloaded onto your iOS or Android device, the app works on or offline to provide some really useful services. Online, you can buy and compare of 20 different currencies with real-time conversion rates. Offline, the app allows you to access all the information about the Post Office's top 20 travel destinations, including average prices for amenities in these locations. You can also set the app's currency convertor to the rate at which you bought your currency to give you a personalised conversion rate.
2. Google Maps
This favourite is simple to explain, find your way around a foreign city without a hitch! The really handy feature on this app, though, is its offline mode. The app will allow you to download several areas and mark particular addresses and places of interest when in Wi-Fi range so that you can find them later. Even when you're out of Wi-Fi range, the app uses free GPS signal to locate you on the map and guide you to your chosen destination.
3. Flight+
This handy little app allows you to track all the available flights anywhere in the world in real time. Whether you need a flight to New York, or simply want to know what time to be at the airport to collect a loved one, this app has all the information in just a couple of clicks. Extra features include weather updates for your selected destination, airport flight boards and airline information.
4. AroundMe
There are plenty of apps out there to help you pinpoint the best amenities around you, but AroundMe is definitely one of the best. It allows you to find nearby addresses for just about anything, including restaurants, hotels, theatres, parking and ATMs. The app is available in a whole host of different languages, though you will need to have your internet data turned on for this.
5. iTranslate
Available on iOS, Android and Windows devices, the iTranslate app is also not unique but its range and variety are most certainly exceptional. It allows you to make verbal as well as written translations, with over 80 languages to choose from. It's always difficult to find accurate translation apps but this one doesn't do a bad job, letting you select popular dialects, male or female voices and even control the speaking rate.
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