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Puerto Rico : Discover the country's culture


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Puerto Rico : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

Until the XVc, the pacifist Tainos (originally from South America) inhabit the whole territory of the island and live on agriculture.
1493, Christopher Columbus arrives on November 19th.
1508, beginning of Spanish colonization.
1510/11, rebellion of the Tainos.
1521, the island officially takes the name of Puerto Rico (with San Juan for capital city).
1873, the island's 31,000 slaves (out of 600,000 inhabitants) are emancipated.
1897/98, autonomy of Puerto Rico.
February 15th 1898, the United States send Spain an ultimatum after a naval incident (the war starts on July 25th).
1889, Spain gives the island away to the United States with the treaty of Paris.
1900, Puerto Rico officially becomes American territory.
1917, the inhabitants officially receive American nationality.
1948, Luis Munoz Marin becomes the island's first Puerto Rican governor.
1950/54, great Puerto Rican immigration spell to the US and New York.
1952, Puerto Rico obtains the status of autonomous state associated to the Commonwealth.
1993, a referendum on the island extends the constitutional status quo (although 42 % of the inhabitants are in favour of the island's annexation to the USA).

Puerto Rico : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


January 1st : New Year
January 6th: Twelfth Night.
Second Thursday in January: Eugenio Maria de Hostos's birthday.
3rd Monday in January: Martin Luther King Day.
2nd Monday in February: George Washington's birthday.
March 22nd: Emancipation Day.
Mid-April: Palm Sunday.
April 6th: Good Friday.
Josť De Diego's birthday
Memorial Day.
July 4th: Independence Day (USA).
July 16th: Munoz Rivera's birthday
July 25th: Constitution Day.
1st Monday in September: Labour Day.
2nd Monday in October : Columbus Day.
November 19th: Puerto Rico Discovery Day.
In November : Ceti Festival (sardine festival) in Arecibo
Jayuya Indian Festival (traditions of the Tainos Indians) in Jayuya
4th Thursday in November: Thanksgiving
In December: Masks Festival in Hatillo.
December 24th: Christmas Eve.
December 25th: Christmas Day.

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