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Discover Al Khor sea resort Qatar

In Al Khor, 35 miles north of Doha on the east coast, houses still have windcatchers on the roof. They used to bring air into the house to cool it down before the time of electricity and air-conditioning. The regional museum has a good display of the archaeological remains of Qatar as it was before construction began. Al Khor is a town known for its dhow and fishing boat harbour. The place is good for seaside activities such as paragliding, jet skiing and water skiing. Other than sun bathing and relaxing, there are some good sports facilities for tennis, squash and bowling in the numerous sports centres of the city.

  • Al Khor sea resort , Qatar
    Al Khor sea resort

    Al Khor is a modern city dedicated to relaxation and leisure activities.

    Sergemi / 123RF
  • Al Khor sea resort , Qatar
    Al Khor sea resort
    Sergemi / 123RF
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