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Oxo Tower for drinks - England

Special feature England: Oxo Tower for drinks

Oxo Tower for drinks
A riverside landmark since the 30s, the OXO Tower, located on the South bank of the Thames may look like a non-descript building on the London skyline among the more recent contemporary architecture that has shot up, but it is not to be underestimated. It is building with a tower, where the letters 'OXO' are inscribed by a series of well-placed windows. The tower was originally used as a power station for the Post Office at the end of the 19th century. It was later acquired by the Liebig Extract of Meat Company, the OXO beef stock cube manufacturers, hence its name and the inscribed letters on its sides. The building was revamped to act as an advertising tool for OXO cubes - Liebig wanted the tower to light up, rendering the brand name prominently visible on the London skyline at night. Today, the building contains apartments, upmarket shops, and innovative galleries housing various disciplines where visitors can meet the artists and place direct commissions. There are also cafés and bars. A restaurant on the 8th floor let to Harvey Nicols, offers one of the best 360° panoramic views of the vivacious capital, making the OXO Tower an incontrovertible detour. The restaurant and brasserie, welcome guests to its slick designer environment with live music in the evening rooted mainly in Jazz. For full details and opening hours: click here and for bookings: 0207 803 3888.

Photo: Oxo Tower, Southbank, copyright Peter Durant. Arcblue.com

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