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Caura El Rio Negro - Venezuela

Special feature Venezuela: Caura El Rio Negro

Caura El Rio Negro
No less than a six hour boat ride away, set foot in the midst of the Amazon and meet the first indigenous communities that live in the rainforest. One of the first being the Makiritare Indian community: Boca de Nichare. The Caura called "El Rio Negro", the black river, is the most important affluent of the Orenoque, not polluted by mercury and other dangerous substances used across the country by the mine exploiters. It also hasn't been deviated yet by some dam construction project, though the idea was considered not so long ago, a bit higher up near the Para waterfalls. A plan aimed to build a hydraulic dam meant to produce electricity for Brazil. This meant flooding the whole region and chasing the Indians off their land. Luckily, the congregation of the indigenous Makiritare and Sanema communities that live in the region fought for the respect of their land rights and the preservation of their natural environment that spreads over more than 11 583 mi.
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