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Churuata: tree of life, stairway to the sky... - Venezuela

Special feature Venezuela: Churuata: tree of life, stairway to the sky...

Churuata: tree of life, stairway to the sky...
The Churuata is the Makiritare traditional collective circular based house with a cone roof made of plants. Before in the communities, there was only one Churuata for the whole village. It was divided by the number of families that lived there and around the central pillar, a circle representing the communal house, a meeting place exclusive to men, was drawn. The only moment when the women could enter the circle was during meals. The house is also used to welcome guests for the night. The guests usually come from other communities along their journey on the river, that can last up to ten days to get to their respective villages. The main entrance is orientated towards the East and the only window is open to the West. For the Yecuana, the Churuata represents the universe, the central pillar is the tree of life, the stairway to the sky, pillar on which the shaman leans on to communicate with spirits above. In the village of Boca de Nichare, each family has its own Churuata and the community house is independent.
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