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Community life - Venezuela

Special feature Venezuela: Community life

Community life
The daily life of the Ye'kwana families is set under the family Churuatta. Here, all generations mix. The women cook and serve the men at the table and only stay with them during celebrations or particular events. The men sculpt, talk, rest while the women prepare the base ingredient of their diet, manioc, which is consumed under two forms. The first is the Cassave. Once rid of its toxic liquid, the dried manioc mass obtained is then passed through a sieve, then spread directly on a large steal plate on top of a fire creating a thick flat cake which will finish drying in the sun. The flat cake, once wet in the river, is served with red chilli pepper powder. It is served at every meal. The second is called Manioco. Once the mass has also been put through a sieve, it is toasted in a large iron pot and stirred with a large wooden spoon. Once this operation is finished and the Manioco is cold, it is mixed with river water and consumed all day long.
Amazonian schooling Churuata: tree of life, stairway to the sky...


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