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Hunting birds - Venezuela

Special feature Venezuela: Hunting birds

Hunting birds
Traditionally, the Makiritare hunted big game with bow and arrows and fished in the river using the grounded bark of a poisonous tree. The fish would suffocate on the mixture and floated to the surface of the river. These two methods have been replaced by the rifle, making hunting big game much easier. Fishing lines also help to avoid long expeditions in the jungle to find the necessary tree for thetraditional method. Remains the blowpipe to catch the birds, a source of calcium. Nowadays, only the older members appreciate this bird meat. The long blowpipes are the best way of hitting the birds that hide among the tree leaves. The longer the blowpipe, the better the shoot. They make their own arrows from bamboo and wrap the ends with cotton so that the arrows fly straight. They imitate the sound of birds, thus making sure that know the exact positioning of their target. Following the custom, the first to see the prey has the right to shoot.
The day's reap Tradition and technology cohabit here


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