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The Lady of Ampato - Peru

Special feature Peru: The Lady of Ampato

The Lady of Ampato
The most impressive testimony of the Inca world can be found in the young town of Arequipa. The second most important town in the country has only been known since the colonial era. Nicknamed 'the white town' due to its churches and houses constructed in sillar (a white volcanic stone), it is home to 'The Lady of Ampato' or 'Mummy Juanita', a young girl of 14 years who was offered as a sacrifice. Her preserved body was found in 1995 in the glacier of the Ampato volcano at an altitude 21,000ft and now can be visited at the Andean shrines museum. No less than thee volcanoes surround Arequipa, around which wind Inca trails. Among the network that crosses the south coast, the trails around Puerta Inca and Quebrada remain almost completely intact. Once the centre of the storage of grains and fish before their distribution (either by land or sea) to other regions of the Inca Empire, the Arequipa region is today still an important commercial centre.
The Mochicas pyramids Chan Chan, the northern metropolis


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