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Special feature Lazio: The witches of Benevento

The witches of Benevento
At first it was called Malevento, and was too negative for the inhabitants. So they decided to call it Benevento. The legend says that there were witches in Benevento that used a magic oil at night to fly. They then met in a nut tree, the Benevent. They sang, danced and made love with men. The witch would then transform into wind and blow under the doors. Nowadays people still speak of Benevento's witches by saying "you are a witch of Benevento", meaning you have a lot of intuition. Another legend reveals that under the direction of the Longobars, rituals were practised. One of them was to meet under a nut tree before each battle, to kill an animal and hang its skin from the tree. Then, at nightfall, with their long hair, a torch in the hand, they ate the skin ridding their horses. Those rituals scared the inhabitants of Benevento, who saw in them devil practises.
Capri, the artist Capricious Vesuvius


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