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Oman, land of mystery
One can easily find "black gold" here but "white gold" has also been forever hiding here : the famous resin of the boswellia sacra (Arabian Frankincense), once dried, gives incense. These translucid stones made the fortune of the Sabian kings, when cargos of incense left from the south of country (Dhofar) by caravan or by boat to the markets of Alexandria, Damascus and Rome. By road, the journey took two and a half months. The caravaners went through Yemen and then Saudi Arabia, before turning towards Egypt and the Middle-East. The incense was used in religious ceremonies, but was also an ingredient for ointments, perfumes and medicinal potions. Still very sought-after in Oman, it is sold everywhere, in the souks and on the markets. It is part of the tradition of the country like the masks still worn by women in certain nomad camps and mountain villages.
The ports of the Sabian kings


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