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Ipanema - Brazil

Special feature Brazil: Ipanema

The suntanned youth of Rio meet on the very exclusive Ipanema beach. Surfers, footballers, crowds on the week-ends and holidays, traveling salesmen, and locals make up the throngs of people vying for the best spot. Like all the other beaches, the authentic charm of Brazil is present. Facing the beach, you can see the islands of Palmas, Cagarras, Comprida and Rasa where you can practise scuba diving.
After the beach, from 5 pm onwards, the Cariocas like to meet for a drink and a small snack in the bars. Among the trendy bars of Ipanema, the Barril 1800 is one of the best; while you're there, enjoy the "Feijoada", a typical Brazilian dish. Particularly popular in Rio, the feijoada is prepared with black beans, dried beef, smoked sausages, and the tongue, ears and tail of a pig. (Not for the faint of heart.)
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Practical information

  • £500 Weekly budget
  • £750 Flight budget to Brazil
  • 11h30  Flight duration to Brazil
  • Summer: -5h
    Winter: -3h
    Jet lag
  • No Visa
  • No Vaccinations
  • Real brasiliano Currency
  • Portuguese, indian south-american other languages Languages

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