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A Middle Eastern Venice
Can you really expect to see a lake in the middle of the desert or would it be mistaken for a mirage? Well, in Dubai, slap bang in the desert, anything is possible as many of the city's endeavours have proven so far. So yes, a full-blown (man-made) lake is possible and exists in the heart of the sumptuous Al Madinat resort by Jumeirah (the same chain which owns the acclaimed Burj Al Arab). Spreading over 5 km², the resort is a little Venice in itself. Visitors can get around on the lake via 'abra' (wooden motor boat). The entire resort has been planted with lush green foliage and its villas are designed to look like traditional wind towers also found in the Bastakiya area along the Creek in the old part of Dubai. Al Madinat is by far one of the most impressive hotels in the city. Located close to the Palm Jumeirah (where the notorious Atlantis Hotel stands tall and proud), Al Madinat shares a beach with the Burj al Arab which needless to say is a remarkable sight against the flat horizon. The resort has plenty to offer, from its Talise luxury spa to its 45 food and beverage outlets situated all around the site. Al Madinat is a combination of two main hotels, the Mina A' Salam and the Al Qasr as well as the Dar Al Masyaf summer houses. The resort does look synthetic but it cannot be denied that the result is a beautiful haven of peace and quiet away from the frantic action of the metropolis. Even the likes of George Clooney and Sharon Stone have graced the resort with their presence!

Text: Rooksana Hossenally.

Image: Stéphanie Poli

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