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Special feature United Arab Emirates: An emerging contemporary art scene

An emerging contemporary art scene
Dubai is well known for its dynamic hotel industry and capacity to innovate to beat records. Often mistaken for a city without soul, the myriad cultures that have flocked to Dubai is one reason to doubt the latter assumption. The multicultural aspect aside, Dubai is also an up and coming destination for contemporary art. The art market is starting to thrive with its increasing number of galleries and art fairs. One of the most popular galleries is the XVA Gallery, found in the Bastakiya area, which is also a guesthouse and café. The XVA is an enchanting microcosm of peace and art. It has succeeded is capturing a relaxing atmosphere, which is highly needed after a busy day in the heart of Dubai's business district. Dubai boasts over 70 professional galleries, most of which are found in the Quoz and Jumeirah areas. The galleries are well worth exploring, but most close around 8pm. The XVA however, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner so its opening times are flexible. For gallery listings and current exhibitions, Time Out Dubai is particularly good. There are also small pink booklets, ART MAP, that explain a little more about Dubai's art scene available at XVA to pick up for free. Otherwise, for travellers looking to be in Dubai during a larger art convention, the Dubai Art Fair takes place annually in March.

Text: Rooksana Hossenally.

Image: XVA Gallery

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