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The Dubai Friday brunch phenomenon
In Dubai, as in most of the Middle East, the weekend is over the Friday and Saturday with Sunday being the equivalent of our Monday. A phenomenon which has caught on very quickly all over Dubai is the Friday Brunch. After a long night of partying and heavy drinking for the most-part, Friday around lunch-time is when all of Dubai's expatriates (mainly Anglo-Saxon) get dressed up and made up to meet their friends at their local hang out for Friday Brunch! Most, if not all hotels lay out a larger spread than usual for the Friday brunch. Drinks are also a big feature of the brunch and are often included in the deal. Be ready for boisterous action, especially where there is a large concentration of Brits, such as the Rotana Al Murooj's English pub! But the brunch is a tradition that is guaranteed fun. The brunches always take place in hotels and start from 12pm. Prices tend to range greatly from hotel to hotel which all have 'luxury' formulas or basic, cheaper formulas. Most brunches function as a buffet with a band or entertainment and sometimes the guests are left to their own devices. The food quality also ranges greatly, so to get a guaranteed good deal, good quality hotels are the best places to try out. If you are not sure of where to look, The Fairmont's Cascades Restaurant is a good bet as the food is a real treat, the service is of a high standard and the restaurant décor is in a futuristic style which reminds guests that they are in the heart of Dubai. However, hotel restaurants do get very full so booking is highly recommended. The dress code can also vary, so do ask when making your reservation.

Text: Rooksana Hossenally.

Image: Stéphanie Poli

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