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Special feature United Arab Emirates: The islands - the Palm Jumeirah and the World

The islands - the Palm Jumeirah and the World
The manmade islands, the Palm Jumeirah and the 'World', blew me away and off the scale of Dubai's crazy innovations. Nakheel, one of the world's largest property developers, has headed both projects which are a sign of how far Dubai can go in its endeavour to innovate. The Palm Jumeirah is an island built in the shape of a palm tree which is linked to the mainland via a bridge and over ground metro. It is on the Palm Jumeirah that the Atlantis Hotel sits (pictured). The Palm is also adorned with housing; this area is known as one of the best areas to live in Dubai due to the proximity to the water. However the houses are all uniform and look similar to an Arabic style Disneyworld. This initiative is one completed out of three - the city is expecting another two palms to be built in the next few years. The Palm Jumeirah was created to solve Dubai's 'beach shortage'. The Palm is generally pleasant but can feel crowded as there isn't much space between the buildings. Apart from the Atlantis there isn't much else to do on the Palm form a tourist's perspective. The plan is to build another two islands along the coast. The city has also built islands in the shape of the world - Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the current owners of Ethiopia. Needless to say that the 'World' makes for an impressive sight, especially from the viewing platform of the Burj Khalifa on a clear day. The aim of the World is purely residential, somewhere to 'make the world your own' according to the engineering company's motto.

Text: Rooksana Hossenally.

Image: Stéphanie Poli

A Middle Eastern Venice The world's eye - the Burj Khalifa


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